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comments: WW was wildly popular in my neck of the Blue Ridge i.e Roaring Gap NC, in 1972 when I met the roadies on the way to Roanoke for a show. I was pumping gas on top of the mountain at the R Gap Texaco. They put me on the guest list and in a freak out I missed part of the show but I'll always remember the impact WW had on me and my music. I nearly wore out WW II. The whole scene was a gas. Anyone remember Mose Jones?


......1977 at the F.I.U. fairgrounds in Miami, Fl.

I have to say "Street Corner serende" I put on about 3-4 times a year and just enjoy. We changed the words around for all of us. I was crazy Johnnie because my legal name is Johnnie Teresa.

Just wanted to sincerley thank you for that song. You know the teen years are kinda strange the music kept us out of trouble, off of drugs and gave us a stable foundation.

If you ever wondered should I have done something else it was all worth it because you contributed to saving me and my friends I'm sure there's many more-GREAT JOB! Thank you and please notify me if Wet Willie will be in Miami.

God Bless always Teresa Marchisio "Crazy Johnnie"

comments: Back in the late 70's, back in Mobile Alabama my uncle had me over for aSunday BBQ. Back then I thought I knew everthing so my uncle began to educate me. He pulled me aside and began to explain that you only go through life once and that I should enjoy it as it come and to learn from my mistakes. He pulled out these albums I had never heard of and begin to play them. I instantly noticed how he connected to this and why. This band too lives what he says. I'll never forget these early years for me and how the sound of these songs and the lyrics rang true to my heart. No matter where life takes me whether it be in freezing cold snow or arid dry deserts, I will always have the sounds of Wet Willie taking me back home where I long to be. Thanks uncle Tommy Ray and Thank you Wet Willie for reminding me to keep on smilling no matter what and to live on the country side of life.

comments: Another Friday night in Macon, GA. Luther B. Williams Ball Park. It is strange how going back to a place can seem like the Twilight Zone. It was nice at 40+ to feel 18 again! THANK YOU! What a wonderful gift you guys have! Who knew THEN the pleasure you would still be giving to us, live, 30 years later!

comments: What a nice surprise to be surfing the net and find a Wet Willie page. I first became aware of the Band when I wrote Capricorn records to see if/when the Allman Brothers would be playing in Toronto (in the early 70's). The response was no time in the near future but why don't you check out another of our bands' (Wet Wille). They were opening for Jeff Beck at the time. I never did get to that show but I finally caught up to the band in Buffalo a couple of years later where they were opening for the ABB. We were staying at the same hotel and ended up partying with the band when we ran into them returning from the show. Over the next few years (up to the Manorisms album period) I saw them twice more in Toronto (at the gool ol El Mocombo and once at a theatre along Danforth avenue). Needless to say, both shows were smokin'. Both times I got to meet the band again and hang out a bit (including a great party at the Manulife Centre). I have pictures from both of these shows. If interested in them for your archives let me know and I'll try to get them to you. I can't wait to get my hands on the CD releases of the old classics as my vinyl is packed away along with my turntable. I'd be interested in finding out who in Canada will be distributing these re-releases. Any info you could provide would be much appreciated. Looking through your site brought back a lot of great memories and made me realize how much I miss Wet Willie in my CD collection. Keep on smilin!!!

comments: I've just finished reading much of your fan mail that you've posted and I'm stunned that Dixie Rock wasn't listed even ONCE! Geez, am I the only one with a copy of that album? Please, please don't neglect that one when choosing which album to resissue... I'm holding out for that one. Thanks for listening. Brad Slama, Anchorage, Alaska.

comments: I caught Wet Willies Macon, Ga Cherry Blossom show a few weeks ago. It was excellent! Jimmy Hall keeps getting better and better! I was curious if any of the original members rember playing a gig at the Grand Opera House around 1971. It was for a Talent show that Phil Walden and Otis Reddings widow were judges for. A little group that I played bass for was in the talent show and it was the first time that I had heard the Band. Our guitar player, Mike Brown with Peavey electronics, was from Mobile and had heard the group several times as "Fox". I remember Ricky getting injured by a Shure Vocal Master P.A. column falling and hitting his shoulder. (That thing must've hit my head, cause I don't remember a damn thing about it!!......rick)

comments: First time I saw y'all wuz the fall of 1971. At The Ruins in Spartanburg, SC. I wuz just outta the Air Force, Alaska. I met Tommy Caldwell. He said his band wuz playin', openin' for Wet Willie. Both bands blew me away. I wuz never the same. Thanx!

comments: i booked y'all at Pearl's in Austin TX a few years back. the best show we had in all our years. Nice folks. Wer Willie was the first concert i ever saw Y'all opened the show for Sly Stone, the mayor proclaimed it Wet Willie homecoming day. I'm no longer in the biz, but sill a fan. Clay Jackson


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