A few comments from some of WW's International fans...

comments: Great page, great band! We get no news of Wet Willie in England. Any chance of a CD release, maybe a live show? Every man and his dog seems to release CD`s these days, can we have some Wet Willie music please? Thanks Craig Eason

comments: Hi, I was investigating the net for a friend of mine who is desperately seeking 'Which one is Willie' on CD for years. His personal treasure is an old LP full of scratches. He loves this record to death. He connects many memories with it, so it's of special value for him. You must understand that Wet Willie is (sadly) unknown in Germany. There are only the CD's like 'Greatest hits ...' available. I am continuing my search and try to 'Keep on smiling' :-) I would be happy about response. Please mail me. Best wishes, Stefan Kain

comments: My most memorable experience was hearing you play a show in Toronto at a club called the El Mocambo, must have been in the late 70's. What a kick ass show. Had the opportunity to sit front and centre and you just blew me away. Got to meet Jimmy and Jack which was great and ran into them again outside after the show while they were waiting for a taxi to take them to the airport and we talked again. They didn't know until I told them, that Bob Dylan had been to the show that night. I guess Bob knows a good band when he heres one. HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU AND THANKS FOR THE JOY YOUR MUSIC HAS BROUGHT TO ME. A.J. McCaughey Ontario

comments: When will we see the cd release of "Drippin'Wet"? Francisco Silva - Brasil fave album = Drippin' Wet

comments: When will I see you in Finland?

comments: Hi, I'm Jetse Nagel, a Wet Willie fan from the Netherlands (Amsterdam you know). I discovered this fantastic rockband named WET WILLIE in the seventies. And their music has brightened up my days since then. I play all their records at least once a month, cause they still sound great and timeless. I'm looking forward to 'Wet Willie II' on CD, because this is the missing link in my collection. Capricorn hurry up! Sometimes I have this dream about Wet Willie going into the Studio again and releasing a record turning all the nineties bands into midgets. WET GREETINGS FROM HOLLAND!!!

comments:comments: Iăm very pleased to be able to communicate with you, Iăm Mario Elizondo from Monterrey, Mexico, I admire you because you were one of the first southern rock bands and you influenced Marshall Tucker and Skynyrd;I also find Willieăs influence in J Gailăs Band. Jimmy Hallăs voice stands as one of the best in Rock to me. Sadly Wet Willie is not very known in my hometown, but I have shown your music to some of my friends and they fell in love with it. Congratulations and keep on smilină. Great attitude and thanks for so much great music.Take care.Mario.

comments:comments: Hi there!! I've listened to the sample "Macon Georgia Greezy Hambone Blooze" in your excellente Wet Willie Homepage. It has gone to my heart!! Is it possible to get the whole thing and not only 02:59,08 minutes? Is it a bootleg? When and where was it recorded? Deep cool guys!! yours, Oliver Heinisch from Vienna, Austria, Europe

comments: Hi, Could you email me the lyrics of the song That's Alright Mama or tell me where I can find them online? Many thanks Kenneth Heal Southern Tsugaru Aomori Tohoku Japan

comments: I suggest youăd make lyrics sites of all your songs. That would be very nice service for your fans all over the world. I have been your fan since 1980 and my favourites are especially your live recordings. Jarmo Kinnunen, Kajaani, Finland

comments: bue I am calling from macedonia. it's very hard to find anything from your work.still I like your music a lot. goran taleski, prilep,macedonia

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