Wet Willie is deeply indebted to the fans for allowing us to do what we love most... play our music for you.

comments: springhill park, brookley field, the pipeline, even mcgill institute. old days old ways layin around mayday down in daphne by the bay at least before half of minnesota moved into to town greetins from the plains where the only grits is the sound toto makes everytime dorothy says lets go home. little eb fave album = the catalog fave song = grits ain't groceries or way down in bama

comments: I was a narcotics officer for the Gadsden,AL. Police Department. Sometime in early 1972 I was working Wet Willies concert at The Convention Hall in Gadsden,I had a hard nose attitude about drugs and anyone that used them. I was there to make arrest and that included any band member if they were holding. I didn't have any knowledge of Jimmy Hall or the Wet Willie Band. I think the start up band was Black Leather from Gadsden and things were going as we had felt that they would,lots of long hair and smell of grass in the air. I had checked the back stage area and dressing rooms as Wet Willie came on stage an started to play,I went out into the crowd dressed in my tie-died shirt with bellbottoms and long wig. In the dark no one could tell and some were so stoned they could have cared less. As Jimmy Started to play and sing something happened this was a kind of music I hadn't heard before,I liked music but this was different. I started feeling completely changed. I begain to let my hair grow,I had to wear a wig to cover up my long hair,something I was already doing in the National Guard.I started looking at things very different,I saw things with more of an open mind. To this day when I hear the Friday song or any of Wet Willie's hits I'am taken back to that change and I JUST KEEP ON SMILIN! A very Loyal Fan Bill

comments: Your home page got me to get your LP's out. You remember LP's? Big black round things! Actually, my phonogragh is on the fritz and I haven't heard your records in some time. I really miss hearing them and hope to buy CD's when they come out!. I have Wet Willie, Wet Willie II, Drippin' Wet, Keep on Smilin, The Wetter, The Better and Wet Willie Greatest Hits. In college at Ohio University in Athens (a loooong time ago!) I bought a copy of Left Coast Live off the back of a truck! But it was warped and I never saw it for sale again. I was really bummed a while back when I read in the Cleveland (OH) Scene that you had been in Cleveland on an anniversary tour and I missed it! If you EVER tour again, especially come to Cleveland, PLEASE send me an e-mail! I wish I heard more Wet Willie on the radio! Keep on rockin!

P.S. I'd love to read lyrics, see a discography, and see stories about songs and albums! What's the story behind Airport?

comments: hey guys (and ladies),I first saw you in Bay Minette,Al when you did the benefit for the (i believe it was) the American Heart Assoc.. you were playing at Faulkner State Jr. College. my friend and I talked to John and Rickey during breaks. From that time to the present, I have never seen a better band than you. I saw you in Pensacola at the Indian Summer Concert (at Five Flags Speedway) must have been Fall of '72. Saw you every time you played Mobile. Have not seen you in a while (responsibilities,..you know...). Listening to "Have a Good Time" as I write... Hey, I don't have a copy of Wet Willie II. Do you know if there are any copies out there anywhere? I'll take vinyl L.P. or Cd or cassette. By the way, did you ever record any concerts on video? Sure would like to find something... My name is Dale. I live in Atmore, Bamalama. It's "way down in Alabama." If you ever come this way, stop by. I've got to be your best fan. thanks for the Web Page. I'll check back............Dale fave album = Wet Willie 2 fave song = KEEP ON SMILIN'

comments: Hi Guys How's it going? Frank Friedman fave album = The first one fave song = Faded Love

(...Of course Frank was a member of Wet Willie and actually penned Faded Love!)

comments: I have the "Best of" with yuk version of Dixie Rock... The old CDs would be nice. Im living in Minn now and still singing Leona every weekend. I saw Micheal Duke with Delbert a few weeks ago. He looks dead! Still sounds good though. I enjoyed Jimmy singing with Lee Roy Parnell on his CD. I miss you guys the most. Keep rockin and remember who you are! - Tom Bowman fave album = Left Coast Live fave song = Country Side of Life

comments: WE WANT TO SEE YOU LIVE, IN CONCERT! We're in Tuscaloosa and have seen you here twice in the last few years - when will you be back near here? fave album = Dripping Wet fave song = All American Hot Dog Eating Song

comments: You mean Polygram is really going to release a CD box? MAN!!! I'm there. My turntable is in the shop and my vinyl is in bad shape anyway - best news I've heard in a while.....Memphis (ok, ok, Collierville), TN fave album = Wet Willie Live - Drippin' Wet fave song = The Macon Georgia Greasy Hambone Blues (better known as the All American Hotdog eatin' Blues. Featuring Mr. Ricky Hirsch on lead guitar - play a little blues.......

comments: Hi......Just wondering if you knew how or where I could get a C.D., album, tape or whatever of the Drippin' Wet-Live album. It's my favourite. If so, I would greatly appreciate it!

comments: As a Macon radio DJ, I played many a Wet Willie tune. However, we never got to play anything from "Drippin' Wet" because, my sources tell me, it's not being offered on CD, or anything else, that I could tell. All I could buy was the greatest hits album. fave album = Drippin' Wet fave song = Weekend

comments: I've loved Wet Willie ever since seeing them live with Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1975 or 1976 in Saratoga N. Y. I also saw them later on and always enjoyed their energy and enthusiam. I would love to see them again. Wayne Van Dusen Jupiter, Fla. fave album = Both Live Albums fave song = Everything That You Do

comments: I just picked up the new Jimmy Hall CD. It is excellent. What are the chances of any of the old albums (Drippin Wet thru Dixie Rock especially) being reissued (since Capricorn in now back in business). It would be great to be able to hear some real music again. fave album = Drippin' Wet- Live fave song = Red Hot Chicken

comments:I stumbled across your homepage in searching for other material. What a treat! My undergraduate days at the University of Texas in the early '70s were made so much better by "Keep On Smiling." It's good to know you're still around.

do you know when some of your albums will be released on cd such as the one above--i always thought you were much better live than in studio.blockbuster music lists above left coast live in catalogue but cant seem to get it ordered--is there such an animal---i do have on vinyl drippin wet and would like that on cd--do you know if ever to happen or does capricorn just suck---wish youd play out in calif bay area cause i would be there--a fan for sometime--don

comments:Great group. Heard "Keep on Smilin" & "Weekend" a few weeks ago on the oldies station here in Fresno, CA - brought back great memories of the 70's

comments: Just a note to say thanks guys for some of the best music and heart felt blues ever. Drippin Wet is my personal favorite. Keep a playin fellas.

comments: Wow !!!! A Wet Willie home page !!! The internet has finally arrived. As a way of introduction, I am the world's foremost Wet Willie fan. I have almost all Wet Willie albums (including the first album and Wet Willie II) and have seen the band perform in Birmingham, Alabama on dozens of occasions. Now for the important stuff - when Willie be back in B'ham ?? It has been almost 3 years since I have seen the band and I am suffering from bad withdrawal symptoms. Also, I think there was a live album called "Drippin Wet" that was released after the second album. I need this album !! Any way I can get a copy?? I would also like "Left Coast Live" as I had this on 8 track (and we know what happen to them !). Is there a Wet Willie fan club ? mailing list ? Please let me know about the current tour schdule and, above all, keep on smilin'.

comments:I am sad to report that the only way I can enjoy the greatest album by y'all, and one of the best live albums of all time (Drippin' Wet) is to try to wade through layers of scratched vinyl. Are there any plans to reissue this classic on CD or or is there anywhere y'all know that I can get a decent copy on album or tape. I ran into an old high school buddy of mine at a wedding a month ago and we got to talking about great music. Suddenly, he says, "You know what album I'd love to get a good copy of?" Somehow I knew he was going to answer "Drippin' Wet". We've (along with who knows how many others) continue our faithful search. Can y'all help?

comments:I am ecstatic in finding the Wet Willie Home Page. I can't wait to get my hands on the live albums on CD.I hope it happens real soon.Seeing WW in concert was always fantastic. It's great to know that the live albums may soon be released. I have them on reel-to-reel, but I need a new tape deck. It was always great fun seeing WW in concert. It is encouraging to hear they are still playing.

comments:I would just like to say what a great band Wet Willie is. I saw Jimmy Hall with Hank Jr. in support of the Skynyrd Band and he blew me away! I can't seem to find many Wet Willie CDs. Can you help? I have the greatest hits compilation put out by Polygram. Are there anymore?

comments:Am glad to find the WW home page. Am a big fan, saw WW in concert in Louisville several times. Still listen to my old tapes and still love "Lucy Was In Trouble". Are you coming to Seattle?

comments:I was a WW fan in the 70's. I saw the band a couple of years ago at the Star Dome in Hoover, AL. It was great! I would love to know when the band will be near by (to Birmingham) would like to take my son.

comments:So Wet Willie, how is the seventies different from now?(...a Wet Willie favorite)

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