Wet Willie Schedule and News Updates

Wet Willie Schedule and News Updates

Wet Willie may be performing in your area soon...

APRIL 22 - WET WILLIE at the new Florabama in Perdido Key, AL (Gulf Shores).

MAY 28 (Memorial Day) - WET WILLIE with ARS in Sandy Springs, GA at Heritage Green amphitheater


Hear some clips from Rick Hirsch's brand new cd, INSTRUMENTALITY on myspace .

CD's Availble for purchase through PayPal

Rick Hirsch has reissued his NO REGRETS cd. For interested fans, check it out at CD BABY.COM.

album cover

Wet Willie's own Donna Hall has completed and released her brand spankin' new CD, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

It's obtainable from her website, or from CD BABY.COM. Check it out!

A new CD (live) recorded at Tipitina's in New Orleans, LA. has been released. It's called HIGH HUMIDITY and is available on Amazon and other webstores. Should be noted that Jimmy Hall does not appear on this release. Vocals are handled by guitarist, Ric Seymour.

For those who are long time aquainted with Wet Willie and various members of the group, tragically, Sally Minter Hall, wife of bassist Jack Hall, died May 4, 2004. There is a memorial website in her honor at Sally Minter Hall. She is survived by husband Jack, sons Bryan, Matthew and Janet and newly arrived Brandon Lee Hall, grandson.

Tom J. Dowd, January 1, 1925 - October 27, 2002

Recenty, a documentary, Tom Dowd: The Language of Music, was released. I am compelled to say thanks to those who had the foresight and recognition to document the incredible contribution of the late Tom Dowd to the recording industry. His life represents a milestone in the history of recorded of music. He just may be "the man". I, and very likely all of the members of Wet Willie, or anyone else who had the extremely fortunate opportunity to experience extensive studio time with Tom Dowd consider those times to be a highlight of both career and life. He was mentor to anyone who worked with him. On several occasions, I have told friends and musicians that Tom was one of only two undeniable geniuses I have worked with. We will miss him. To say his legacy is voluminous and significant is a great understatement.

When I was informed of this documentary by a long time friend, I was moved in so many ways. First, as it is released concurrent with "Ray", the Ray Charles biography with Jamie Foxx, it is a double blessing for me. Ray Charles was probably the main musical influence during my childhood and whose amazing sound made such an impression on me that I ultmately became a professional musician and songwriter. Little did I know back then, the Fifties, that it was Tom J. Dowd who was so great a part of that huge "sound". But even more significant on a personal level, Tom later produced three albums I was involved with as an artist and musician. (Two Wet Willie LP's and one Billy and the Beaters LP) Of course there were many years between that and the first time What'd I Say shook my ear drums. Just noting why this is such a meaningful documentary personally. I am extremely grateful to the producers and director of this film for using their talents to finally get this story down for those of us who share the passion they obviously feel. It memorializes the life of a guy who was not just a genius in his many talents, but who had the most amazing ability to get the music out of the artist and onto the tape. His demeanor and warm way of communicating with musicians were a blueprint to proper studio etiquette. He gave us a forum where we could be our most effective and creative, there is no question about that. He inspired countless tracks that are so deeply a part of our lives whether you are a musician or a fan. When John Lennon recorded Stand By Me, we realize that Ben E. King's hit made him "feel" the same things that you or I felt, and Tom Dowd's "touch" was a huge part of that timeless classic. In fact, he discusses "touch" in this documentary. I can remember a few times when he turned to me when listening to a playback, and commented on a particular figure I had played saying "that's nice touch." Definitely made my day! And I just have to say, Mr. Dowd, you had a touch like no other. This world is lessened with the departure of you, but your legacy continues to take us to places we all need to go.

October 10, 2003 - Wet Willie's annual Shrimpfest appearance was unfortunately cut short by the wrath of Mother Nature and a vicious rain storm sweeping in from the Gulf of Mexico... Same time same place next year?

November 1, 2002 - Wet Willie at MOBILE TRICENTENNIAL, Mobile, AL., Brookley Field


This should be a very special event. The original Wet Willie will be performing, including Jimmy Hall, Lewis Ross, John Anthony, Jack Hall, and Rick Hirsch. Show starts at 5PM and lasts until 7. The band will probably play some of its very earliest recordings during this historical Wet Willie set. Those die hard fans will remember Wet Willie actually played some of its very first sets (as Fox) at Brookley Field on many Sunday afternoons in 1969. We extend our appreciation to Milton Brown and the Mobile Tricenennial Committee for asking us to participate in this event and for their hospitality as well. (Point of interest: It is Milton Brown, a renowned songwriter from Mobile, and who is premiering his directorial debut and new movie, Mi Amigo on Oct. 28th in Mobile, who took Wet Willie into the studio for their first recording session during that same year, '69)

(The March 17-18, '01 Weekend was an event to be remembered in Willie History. And it will be remembered .... right -->here<--. Stay tuned for pix, lix, and word mix... RH)

...let us know if you make the show. We are considering posting a "FAN REVIEWS" page. As a precursor to this concept, the following is an excerpt from a fan who attended the recent Judge Roy Bean show on 18Mar.

"Thanks for a really great show! I'll try to put this into the best words I can... In the days well before the internet, sometimes you learned of change within a band by attending a concert or picking up the next record...and I really can't remember how or exactly when I learned that Wet Willie was no longer (recording).....but I do remember when I learned of the band's demise, I started searching for a band and music to take its place. That was over 25 years ago, and I'm still looking. Oh yeah, one more thing, everyone I have ever taken to a Wet Willie concert, or let them listen to the music, has always come away a fan. I feel I am part of that select group of people who has been fortunate to come across some great music and shows. Thanks for the years of music and fun! Sincerely, George"

Wet Willie's current lineup includes:

John Anthony : Keys

Jack Hall: Bass Guitar, Background vocals

Jimmy Hall (except where noted): Lead vocals, Saxophone, Harp

T.K. Lively: Drums

Ric Seymour: Guitars, Lead Vocals

and....Williette, Donna Hall: Background vocals

The Hurricaine Horns!!...(Yep, a three piece horn section....!!)

L-R front: Donna Hall, Ric Seymour, Chip Herrington, Michelle Karcher and L-R rear: Jack Hall, John Anthony, Kent Karcher, and T.K. Lively


WET WILLIE is occasionally doing dates sans member Jim Hall so we ask that you inquire prior to your ticket purchase if necessary.

OK, boys and girls, EPIC has reissued MANORISMS (finally!!) Pick it up at WOUNDED BIRD. And for really obscure vinyl singles, LP's, and even sheet music, check out MUSIC STACK. They have an amazing list of Wet Willie's earliest releases.

MERCURY has reissued a compilation of the CAPRICORN catalog, Wet Willie, 20th Century Millenium Masters, as of very recently. Click the link to obtain from CD UNIVERSE.

The long overdue reissues of Wet Willie's EPIC Records period are beginning to appear. One is a "back to back" Wet Willie with Redbone ("Come And Get Your Love") CD that contains a sampling of songs from both EPIC releases, Manorisms and Which One's Willie. In addition, we have heard rumors that Manorisms is being released in its entirety. Links to sites where these may be obtained will be posted shortly.

Acapella group, ROCKAPELLA has released a live concert in CD, DVD, and VHS, entitled Rockapella: In Concert. Included in this live set is, you guessed it, KEEP ON SMILIN'. Check them out at Rockapella.com.


Wet Willie will be given an award of achievement from the Alabama Music Hall of Fame on March 17, 2001. There will be a black tie ceremony in Mobile, Al. that evening with a performance by the band. It is humbling to say the least to stand among the ranks of such luminaries and mentors like Nat King Cole, Hank Williams, W.C. Handy, Jerry Wexler, and Dinah Washington, to name but a few. Wet Willie looks forward to this prestigious event with great pride and humility.

Wet Willie is now officially a relevant part of the "techno-dance" phenom. Notable and popular flava of the day artist Fat Boy Slim has sampled none other than the Wet Willie classic "Macon Hambone Blues" for song(s) on his latest release, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. Check it out and let us know what you think. By the way, if you really wanna dance, listen to the "Red Hot Chicken" Mp3 download on our website....

We get a ton of email regarding Wet Willie reissues (or the lack of). As many of you probably are aware, there is a great controversy surrounding the access of Mp3 versions of commercially recorded material on the Internet through such websites as Napster, Rapster, Macster, etc. The courts are still undecided on the issue(s), although at some point there will have to be some resolve in the matter. Obviously, it is of great concern to anyone who has sustained him/herself through composing and songwriting, and it leaves little incentive to continue doing so when you realize you may not be compensated for what is a long and arduous process, that of writing and recording music. It can only be surmised that the average consumer must identify music as trivial and therefore deem it ineliglble for the support afforded more "serious" endeavors. (It appears as of mid Feb/01 that it will be illegal to download any material that is copyrighted. There will likely be a solution imposed that will enable some form of the downloading phenom to continue.)

The point in bringing this up in the context of out of print Wet Willie recordings is that here is a perfect situation where downloading actually seems palatable and acceptable too me as a songwriter. Whereas the song(s) are not available to purchase, I feel strongly that the fans should not be deprived of being able to hear what they want to hear. Therefore, I would suggest that those who have written regarding in particular the song Weekend, find it on the aforementioned websites. (As of this update, both Weekend and Keep On Smilin' are now available as Mp3 downloads on our website...)

Apologies for the verbosity, but there have been countless inquiries about where to obtain Wet Willie music, and I feel obligated to respond. Rick H


OR... HERE...CD NOW and MUSIC BOULEVARD both have all current/new Wet Willie releases.

"KEEP ON SMILIN", Wet Willie's anthem from the Seventies, has been performed and recorded by a few artists. One version that is particularly good is available currently from the duo "Charles and Eddie", two R&B singers. It's on an album called Chocolate Milk, and is a cool version of the tune. Also, Terrance Simien, a young virtuoso Zydeco accordianist from Louisiana who has received major critical acclaim recently, has included Keep On Smilin' on his latest release, Positively Beadhead.

It's official. The entire Wet Willie Capricorn catalog has now been reissued, all including the original artwork and with great integrity in regards to the packaging. This coupled with the digital remastering of these great old LP's will take you back indeed. All that's missing is the scratches!. Check your fave CD outlet, Record Store (do they still have those??), or online source for CD's.

Epic has not released reissues as far as we know. Those albums include MANORISMS and WHICH ONE'S WILLIE. Hopefully, that will change, as we receive a great deal of email in regard to those albums as well as the Capricorn LP's. UDATE: MANORISMS now available on CD. Check the link above.


WET WILLIE inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame at a huge festive gala, Saturday, September 21, 1996 in Macon, Georgia. Representing the band were Jack Hall and John Anthony along with their wives and children. The black tie event was covered by E Channel, CNN and numerous other media. Needless to say the band is quite proud and humbled by this achievment, in standing among the ranks of such musical persona as Lena Horne, Ray Charles, Hoagie Carmichael, and a plethora of others. The brand new facility is quite spectacular and has a website if you want to visit via Internet.

WHITE CLAY RECORDS, whose home is literally at the source, Macon, GA., and whose offices and studio, PHOENIX SOUND, are what used to be THE original Capricorn Studio, has released its debut Compact Disc, aLIVE DOWN SOUTH, a great compilation album with live tracks from multiple Southern Rock bands and including WET WILLIE. This is landmark stuff for the diehard fans who know that this same studio is where some of the Seventies most memorable music was created and where the rich heritage of Southern Rock by definition was literally spawned. . . Pretty kewl, I must say. You can contact them directly by going to their website, linked above.

The Wet Willie Band appreciates the great response to this website...You can be sure that all your comments are being read, saved, and answered (as time permits). See some WILLIEMAIL via the link below...

Thanks again...

rick hirsch

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