STS-114 Discovery RTF
July 26th 10:38am EST

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A closeup of the SSME's with the RCS covers falling off. Which they were designed to do.

Closeup of Main Engine start!

This cropped photo and the next 5 show a Buzzard bird (above ET tank) getting struck by the ET tank
 and then disappearing into the SRB plume.

Just about to get the surprise of its life!

The Buzzard starts to fall down the right side of the tank.

The last photo with it in the frame!

Some pre launch Photos

RSS rollback on July 25th about 4pm EDT from Beach Road.

Some of the media gather for RSS Rollback.

After viewing rollback from Beach Road we moved to the Crawler Way.

Shortly before launch a Gator crosses the Banana Creek!

A photo of my remote setup at Site 2 and some of the things with which we have to deal!

One of my single camera enclosures.

My Beach Road setup during low tide.

The round enclosure at left is my single remote camera at the pond.

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