STS-114 Discovery Rollout on April 6, 2005

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Blue sky blends with the blue Atlantic Ocean as Space Shuttle Discovery, atop the Mobile Launcher Platform (MLP), crawls toward Launch Complex 39B. First motion out of the Vehicle Assembly Building occurred at 2:04 p.m. EDT.

The rollout marks a major milestone in the Space Shuttle Program's Return to Flight. The MLP is moved by the Crawler-Transporter underneath, which stands 20 feet high, 131 feet long and 114 feet wide. It moves on eight tracks, each containing 57 shoes, or cleats, weighing one ton each. Loaded with the Space Shuttle, the Crawler can move at a maximum speed of approximately 1 mile an hour.

Media await Discovery's Rollout.

The VAB was built in the 60's to support the Apollo Saturn 5 Moon Rockets and is 525ft tall.

Discovery reaches the doors of the VAB with the three Launch Control Centers to the left.

Discovery passes the Launch Control Center while people gather on the roof.

Here you can see the redesigned bipod on the External Tank.


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