STS-114 Discovery
Launch Scrubbed July 13th!
reset for July 26th  10:38am EST

Sunrise morning of launch July 13th!

Photographers check out remote sites at T-2 days.

Possible remote site for the launch!

We have extra security watching over us!

RSS (Rotating Service Structure) rollback the night before the launch attempt.

Another view of the spectacular sunrise July 13, 2005.

KSC Swat members await STS-114 Crew Walkout.

Members of the media prepare for Crew walkout.

STS-114 Crew lead by Commander Eileen Collins and Pilot Jim Kelly, Wendy Lawrence,
Charles Camarda, Soichi Noguchi, Steve Robinson & Andy Thomas.

Into the AstroVan for the 20 minute ride to Pad 39B.

NASA holds a Press Conference talking about the problem that scrubbed the launch.

2,650 media received credentials for the STS-114 mission.

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