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L. to R: Retired education officer Roy Spencer (Brian's cousin), Brian Hurst and Ramesh Jani (Brian's personal assistant). In the background are some of Brian's colorful paintings.
PHOTO: Audrey Spencer.

Important information from Brian:

“It has become necessary for me to take a complete rest from this work. As from October, 2013 I will no longer be able to conduct any bereavement groups in Reseda. Please visit this website for any future updates. I am deeply grateful to all clients and friends for your wonderful kindness and support over the many years I have served the community in Southern California (and elsewhere too!). I apologize for any disappointment you may feel due to my retirement. I do wish you all good health and an open mind. This website will be retained as it contains much valuable information for the public. Scroll down and you will see for yourself. God bless you and thank you. Peace be with you.”

The purpose of life on earth is to achieve spiritual growth through love, service and compassion. All life's dramas are sent as lessons and warnings, so pay close attention to them and in the process acquire true wisdom! Sadly, religious dogma and love of power have been the downfall of Mankind. Humility is the number one lesson to learn..


HEAVEN CAN HELP – THE UPDATED AUTOBIOGRAPHY is an excellent guidebook for the educated reader seeking further knowledge about mediumship. Here you will find Brian’s accounts of rare séance phenomena, psychic surgery, Indian mystics and amusing descriptions of people and events that helped form the author's philosophy of life. The book includes personal family photos and tributes to several famous mediums. HEAVEN CAN HELP provides valuable information for all those who have lost loved ones and who are seeking closure, comfort and peace.  Paperback link: 

“HEAVEN CAN HELP is the best book I have seen on communion with the other world. Brian Hurst has a concise, witty, readable style. I recommend it unreservedly.” RICHARD COANDA Ph.D.

Author and reviewer GUY LYON PLAYFAIR wrote in LIGHT the magazine of the College of Psychic Studies, London: “Autobiographies of mediums tend to consist of accounts of a succession of unverified subjective experiences unsupported by independent evidence. British-born medium Brian Hurst, now living in California, goes to the other extreme and gives us relatively few details of the abilities that seem to have made him something of a media star in the U.S.A., while describing the abilities of others more generously. These include such mediums as William Olson, Jim Hutchings, Leslie Flint, and the members of the Scole Group who held a number of eventful sittings in Hurst’s home. There are also good accounts of healers David and Helen Elizalde in controversial action at Stanstead,* and of the ever-enigmatic Sai Baba.  More than half the book consists of memories of childhood, education and a number of early jobs. I would have liked rather less of these and a good deal more about the author’s own experiences in mediumship which, when he does get around to mentioning them, he describes very well.” (Volume 127, No. 2, Winter 2007/Volume 128, No. 1, Summer 2008) (It should be remembered that an Autobiography is usually not just about an individual’s career but an all-round picture of what helped create that person. Environment and education are two most important factors)

*The Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead in Essex, England, which is a center for psychic studies in the U.K.

“This story will instill hope and peace where there is none; it will remind those who have forgotten, to have faith and comfort again; and it will confirm and validate the truth of the heart and the soul for those who are already on a level of awareness. Heaven Can Help ought to be pre-requisite reading for Life. Brian Hurst, you truly are the rainbow bridge to the Heaven realm.” Lauren Tawa – museum literary conservator – Los Angeles.

CINDERELLA'S SECRET AND OTHER CLASSICAL POEMS  For those lovers of rhymed verse as it used to be, this long, narrative poem in modern English is a verbal delight. Written in iambic pentameter using the classical stanza form of Edmund Spenser (somewhat modified) Cinderella's Secret tells an entirely different story from the usual Cinderella. Kindle download link:   These poems won first prize at California State University, San Bernardino, and have since been used successfully by a middle school English teacher as an introduction to narrative verse. Educators take a look and make your poetry classes enjoyable! Printed version can be ordered here:

SOME GO HAUNTING – Brian’s mystery thriller is now available as a $3 download to the KINDLE.  Here is the link:  Paperback version is 

 UNDER THE PINK LIGHT   (Published August 2015)  is Brian’s second novel about the power of spirit to heal grief.  Printed version:

 Kindle download link: “An extraordinary story of kindness and its positive effects.” THIS IS DEFINITELY A BOOK FOR THE ANGLOPHILE: DON’T MISS “UNDER THE PINK LIGHT”

JUST PUBLISHED MARCH 1st, 2018 prior to his 80th birthday is Brian’s third novel THE MARS EXPERIMENT.  If you enjoy reading stories of death and destruction with armed characters ready to shoot on sight be warned this is not the book for you. This is a story of pioneering people living in a peaceful settlement on a most hostile planet. It is a story of different relationships, of everyday life among the colonists, their challenges and their explorations of the mysterious caverns beneath the surface of Mars. With a large cast of characters, not quite like a Russian novel, the story unfolds gradually as secrets are revealed, colonists find love and the Mars experiment comes to life. Paperback version link:  and the Kindle link is



Brian Edward Hurst was born in Huntingdon, England on the evening of March 5th, 1938.  He attended Huntingdon Grammar School where he was known as a budding poet and actor, playing the melancholy Jaques in the school production of Shakespeare's AsYou Like It.

At the age of 19 he moved to London and won a Major County Award to study at The London Guildhall School of Music and Drama. There he appeared in a number of productions and also performed as a film extra and actor for the BBC Producers' Training School. He graduated with a Performer's Diploma in Speech and Drama.

Brian taught at a Junior High School in London for three years, prior to leaving for India, where he taught English in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, for two years.

Returning to England, he was offered employment as a specialist remedial teacher by the Cambridgeshire Education Authority, and held that position until he left England for the USA in 1980.

Throughout this time, Brian was attending Spiritualist Churches as a speaker and demonstrator during weekends. For many years he was a Trustee of the Huntingdon Spiritualist Church in Cambridgeshire. In 1978 and 1979 he witnessed and photographed the amazing husband and wife team from Australia, David and Helen Elizalde performing bare-hand psychic surgery in the healing rooms at the back of the church. Later, he defended the healers on the front page of London's Psychic News. (At the request of David and Helen Elizalde, whose healing methods have now changed, the photographs and other information about their psychic surgery have been removed from this website)

Moving to California in 1980, Brian enrolled in California State College, San Bernardino, and was the prize-winning poet there in 1981. The Parapsychology Association of Riverside also certified him as a teacher and lecturer.

Later moving to Manhattan Beach, Brian was consulted by the young James Van Praagh. James received a message that he would one day be a well-known medium. James acknowledges this in his books.

In the early 1980's Brian worked for some time in a doctor's office and later began to do daily sittings where he established his reputation for providing detailed information from deceased personalities. At that time he also visited many hundreds of homes in Southern California, lecturing and demonstrating his abilities.

 Left: Brian Hurst with Doris Tate, mother of murdered movie star Sharon Tate. Doris was a wonderful advocate for the Parents of Murdered Children. She has now passed to the higher life.

 Center:  World famous London independent voice medium Leslie Flint with Brian Hurst, taken at Manhattan Beach about 1985.

 Right: Brian Hurst with James Van Praagh, taken in West Hollywood about 1996.

Soon Brian moved to Hollywood where he gave sittings to a number of movie stars and other celebrities. His friend Leslie Flint the well-known London medium came for vacations to Hollywood, staying at the house next door. Brian was invited in to witness a number of darkroom physical phenomena séances. In Leslie's séance room Brian experienced the amazing disembodied voices of Dame Ellen Terry, Sir Oliver Lodge, Lionel Barrymore, Maurice Chevalier and his own Uncle Henry who gave him a highly evidential message from his deceased mother. The spirits were perfectly audible as they spoke in the darkened séance room and were clearly recorded by Brian and by several other sitters who were present.

For those who are unsure how dead people might genuinely speak in a séance room, please see the Dutch website which has a link further down. This website “Death No End” created by Michael Rogge of Amsterdam has excellent information about Leslie Flint and the creation of 'ectoplasmic voice boxes.' These strange floating materializations have been photographed with special infrared cameras. French Nobel prize-winning physiologist Prof. Charles Richet was able to prove the reality of these floating voice boxes and also the reality of ectoplasm as a temporary materialization. (He coined the word 'ectoplasm') These voice boxes served as a vehicle for the energy beings we call spirits to resonate on our vibrational frequency and to be recorded in Leslie's séance room, in many instances as instantly recognizable personalities. Sitters also heard, in addition to family members, the voices of Dame Ellen Terry, Frederick Chopin, George Bernard Shaw, Queen Victoria, Amy Johnson, Leslie Howard, Maurice Chevalier, Lionel Barrymore, John Brown (Queen Victoria's medium), Oscar Wilde, William Randolph Hearst, Gertrude Lawrence, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and many others. The medium's own throat was never used and these voices manifested independently through the floating voice boxes that were temporarily created in the air above Leslie's head. (See photographs on the Dutch website mentioned above)

All grieving people should know of this truth: Leslie Flint's mediumship proved survival beyond death and communication with another world. He was tested on numerous occasions by skeptical scientists from the British Society for Psychical Research and was never found to be fraudulent. We should not fear death. It is "the biggest illusion of the lot," as the beautiful voice of Dame Ellen Terry remarked at a séance in Hollywood in 1987. She died in 1928 and to prove her continued existence and excellent memory she quoted Portia's speech from the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare: "The quality of mercy is not strained..." She was word perfect in spite of having been 'dead' for so many years!

Excellent photographs of these ectoplasmic voice boxes may also be seen in  "THE MEDIUMSHIP OF JACK WEBBER" by Harry Edwards, published by The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Trust, U.K.   Jack Webber was a Welsh coal miner who had a similar gift to Leslie Flint. Jack died as a young man in 1940 after several séance room injuries where ignorant people turned on lights, causing the ectoplasm to fly back to the medium's body too rapidly, producing shock. To some extent all physical mediums risk their lives and health when they sit for members of the public. Apart from the extreme rarity of physical mediumship, people with this extraordinary gift legitimately do not want to be injured by skeptics who may have negative personal agendas. That may be one reason why the average person does not get the opportunity to experience these things.

Leslie's autobiography: Voices in the Dark - My life as a Medium  tells the story of this amazing medium who died in April 1994 aged 83 after sixty years' service to the Spiritualist Movement. The Leslie Flint Educational Foundation has been created to further the work of this dedicated medium. The Foundation offers for sale copies of some of the spirit voices received over the years in Leslie's London séance room. As some of the recordings are over thirty years old, the public should not expect perfect reproduction. Nevertheless these messages from the world beyond death are a challenge to all thinking people and offer valid proof of survival. To learn more about this amazing man see:

For about 15 years two psychic researchers named George Woods and Betty Greene went to London and tape recorded their private sittings with Leslie. They interviewed a few hundred ‘dead’ people and recorded much valuable information about the after-death experience. Copies of these wonderful tapes went all over the world, some of the recordings being featured on several BBC programs about life after death.


In February 2012, British-born physical medium DAVID THOMPSON, now resident in Australia, visited California. He held several physical phenomena séances at a private home in the City of Corona. Brian Hurst joined over 30 sitters in a large garage attached to the house. David was firmly tied to a wooden chair. He was gagged and secured with strong cords and plant ties over and through his woolen cardigan so that he was totally unable to leave the chair or fake any phenomena. During the two hour séance materialized figures moved about in the pitch dark space, touched many sitters and answered questions. Later, a spirit boy spoke in the air and manipulated a luminous trumpet that flew around at top speed, gently touching Brian on the tip of his nose and on his knee without causing any injury. The spirit boy gripped a luminous plaque, walked around the garage and allowed all sitters to see his small fingers. As the boy passed, he gently patted Brian’s cheek. Later, a number of spirit voices spoke clearly in the air. Among them was heard Maurice Barbanell, former editor of London’s Psychic News and his guide Silver Birch who spoke rapidly in a native Indian tongue. The highlight of the evening was a deep voice that clearly said “Where’s Brian?” Brian responded “I’m over here.” There was a gurgling noise as ectoplasm approached Brian and the deep voice said “It’s Leslie. I never thought I would be able to talk to you like this. Your mother and father send their love and ask whether you remember Mr. Fisher.” Brian acknowledged that Mr. Fisher had been his speech therapist when he was a teenager. Leslie had never been told this previously. Leslie talked about being reunited with his friend Bram Rogers and commented that he had been back to his former home in Brighton, England, and had been disappointed that everything had changed. Leslie then referred to a failed séance in Hollywood that Brian had attended in 1986. At that time a couple of the sitters had blamed Brian for the failure, suggesting that he had taken Leslie’s power. (A ridiculous idea as Leslie was tired that evening and unable to be used) Leslie then referred to Brian as “a true friend” and added “You’re a dear boy. Stay the way you are.” Brian asked how much longer he had to live on earth (much laughter at this point) and Leslie replied: “Even if I knew that I wouldn’t be able to tell you.”  To Brian’s amazement he suddenly felt the touch of Leslie’s fingers on both his cheeks. The ectoplasm made a gurgling noise as it retreated to the vicinity of the entranced medium and Leslie then spoke to Christine Morgan, who travelled with David Thompson. Leslie informed her that he was presently assisting an Englishman named Milligan to develop as a direct voice medium. Leslie departed and to everyone’s surprise, black musician Louis Armstrong spoke clearly in his exact earthly voice. Christine handed him a mouth organ and Louis Armstrong entertained the sitters with a lively piece of music followed by his well-known song ‘Hello Dolly.’ Just before the séance closed there was a loud thump from the center of the garage. When the lights were restored, David Thompson, still gagged and bound firmly to his chair, had been levitated from the corner of the garage to a plywood panel that had been placed in the center. When the sitters examined David they saw that his woolen cardigan had been totally reversed upon his body. All the ropes and plant ties were intact but the buttons were now down his back. Brian was deeply grateful for Leslie Flint’s message which was totally authentic and referred to events not known to David Thompson or anyone else sitting in the garage.


In 1997 the four members of the Scole Experimental Group visiting from England held eight highly successful physical phenomena séances in Brian Hurst's blacked out garage. Over 160 people witnessed the spirit lights that flew rapidly around the room and entered the bodies of some sitters who needed healing. There was also levitation of a small round table identified by luminous tabs. At various times spirit voices spoke rapidly from different corners of the room. Wind chimes that had a luminous paddle were also played loudly and then levitated around the pitch-dark garage, being ultimately placed back on a tiny hook in the rafters. Most impressive was the actual materialization of spirit arms and hands that moved around, touching people in the circle. One group also experienced the rapid footsteps of a spirit known as "the marathon man" as he circled the garage in partially materialized form, creating strong breezes that were felt by everyone present.

The four mediums, Robin and Sandra Foy, Alan & Diana Bennett, wore luminous armbands fastened with Velcro, and did not, at any time, leave their seats. Alan and Diana were in deep trance for most of the sittings, conveying messages from various spirit personalities who described with 100% accuracy the various phenomena as it occurred. Robin played background music on a small tape recorder, while his wife Sandra, a powerful and natural medium, spoke at intervals to the sitters.
One lady said: "I reached out in the dark and felt a warm man's hand. I actually shook hands with the spirit. Curiously I leaned forward to touch the elbow and then the shoulder. I was quite shocked to find that the warm, living arm had no body attached."

 During one of the sittings people also felt the physical presence of an affectionate cat with a long furry tail that rubbed against their legs. On another occasion sitters commented that they could feel the presence of a friendly dog that wagged its tail and moved among them in a materialized form. From these very real experiences it can be deduced that animals also survive physical death and can manifest in séance rooms when there is suitable power and loving acceptance. The fact that such amazing phenomena could be reproduced so far from the dark cellar in Scole, Norfolk where the sittings originally took place, greatly impressed researchers. The Scole mediums made psychic history by their successful visit to California and the powerful impact they made upon the delighted sitters. A full account of the first sitting in the darkened garage is included in Brian's autobiography "HEAVEN CAN HELP," which also includes detailed information about rare séance phenomena and suggestions for personal development.

BELOW: The Scole Experimental Group: L to R. Robin Foy, Diana Bennett, Alan Bennett and Sandra Foy taken in 1996 at the former home of Robin and Sandra Foy in Scole, Norfolk, U.K.

For those interested in some of the best modern scientific evidence for life after death see:


Brian has appeared on Channel 4's The Other Side, Answers a Pasadena talk show, Hard Copy and Extra. In a two-hour A & E Cable documentary entitled Beyond Death, first shown on April 30th, 2000, Brian was able to tell a Chinese lady the name of the exact dialect her family had used when on Earth. Beyond Death, (a Margaret Wendt production) received very positive reviews for its factual presentation of this subject. Examples of Brian's colorful paintings were also featured on several of the above programs.

Brian also had positive coverage in Best Kept Secrets of the Paranormal on The Learning Channel in February 2001. The excerpt, taped at one of the monthly group meetings, showed a skeptical widow challenging the medium to contact her deceased husband. With the assistance of spirit guide Dr. Grant, Brian was able to receive an excellent message from the 'other side' in which the 'dead' husband gave precise names and referred to the family dog Sophie. He also said they had adopted a Hispanic boy, although the family was Jewish by faith. Obvious recognition by the lady and her two sons proved dramatic and inspiring. One of the editors of the videotape commented that he found the subject matter "most moving," and it inspired him to research further into the psychic realm. The show has since been repeated a number of times because of public interest in the subject.


     “The session was beyond my expectations: I learned so much, validated my own philosophy and left feeling love and compassion. Thank you for sharing your gift and for contributing so much to the love on this planet.”  Rose Kauffman – Los Angeles.

     I am a longtime participant of Mr. Hurst's Healing circles. Having met several Mediums, Channels, Trance Mediums etc., over the past 25 years, I must say, that Mr. Hurst is truly authentic. Combined with his extensive knowledge, wit, great sense of humor and incredible charm, he is a tremendous blessing to us all and is providing us with insightful messages, creating a sense of healing and completion, thus therefore easing our ways to view death from a different vantage point, making the passing of a loved one a more peaceful experience. Thank you, Mr. Hurst, for all your work and continuous efforts.  Helena Littner – therapist, Los Angeles.

     “What Brian said about people in my life (in early 2009) was truly extraordinary. Nobody, even family or friends, knew most of what he revealed. In one case Brian very specifically mentioned three versions of an individual’s name, which that person and I had discussed within the week, some of the nature of that relationship, and how we primarily keep in touch. Other names and issues were also on target. I was not a skeptic to begin with, but am still totally amazed and will return.” Emily K. – Los Angeles.

     “During our sitting Brian told me that my grandfather was looking in on the relatives in Philadelphia and that there was a lot of excitement surrounding a Jennifer, perhaps a wedding or other big event. I knew of a Jennifer Giacchino, a cousin several times removed, but only met her once. My brother knew her better, so when I got home I emailed him and asked if he knew anything. He replied ‘Yes, as a matter of fact she is getting married next month.’ He said that he and his wife had been invited to go, but could not make it…That was pretty amazing. Thanks, Brian!” John Giacchino

     "My own sitting was an amazing profound experience as Brian connected my brother and me to our father and my daughter, who had been murdered only 3 months earlier. Almost immediately Brian said, 'Who is Jenny?' My daughter's name was Jennifer, which he did not know. A few minutes later, he said 'I'm hearing Tom Tom the piper's son. Does this mean anything to you?' Tom was the name of Jennifer's killer. Brian went on to describe their personalities to a tee, and brought out many accurate and salient details. My father's sense of humor came across just as fine-tuned 'over there' as it was while he was here in a physical body. All in all, my brother and I spent an extraordinary ninety minutes with Brian, and I only wish we could do it again!" Sheila Lowe: Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis.
     “I have amazing news! In 1997 you shared with me several messages that included my "giving birth" and "seeing a little boy" and "the number 4," four years, etc. Well, four years later, I met a man (the subject of my book) whose major life achievement occurred in 1944...this book (like giving birth!) took me four years to write and publish...during which time I met my current husband and we were married on December 24th in 2004! And, the biggest news of all: we just had a baby boy!! He was born April 19th...the fourth month! There are many more ah-hahs about this, but in a nutshell, what confirmation of your wonderful gift, Brian, not that I ever doubted... and how fantastic the wonderful workings and blessings of God!” Janelle F – Los Angeles.

     “I want to thank you for a wonderful experience at your Spirit group. I have never seen a medium in a group before, and I am really amazed at how you handled all the energy and so many messages…You have a great sense of humor and are very entertaining also! I will always have good things to say about you.” Kari. (N. California)

     “You started off your group reading of us with our mother Nancy Jane who came through so powerfully. You gave me many wonderful and funny messages – concerts of her singing with her magnificent voice – staircases and balustrades. You also mentioned her connection with and admiration of Eleanor Roosevelt. How right you were. Attached is an article from the Italo-American newspaper celebrating her life, in which it mentions her talk to Eleanor Roosevelt and a ladies group at the age of 17 about Youth Hostels.Martitia P.

     “I have studied metaphysics for 23 years, seen and had readings with many, but they don’t compare with my experience that night at your house…You told me something me and my grandma used to do together when I was a little girl that I had completely forgotten.” Carla R.

     “After attending the sitting in your home yesterday evening, I feel I must write to you. I found myself unable to get to sleep until 4 am, as I relived each moment of the séance in my mind. I must tell you, I am in awe and amazed at the God given gift you possess. You knew absolutely nothing about me, other than my name, yet you were 100% accurate with the names of places from my youth!  When you sang the verse from “Oh I do love to be beside the seaside” I couldn’t hold in the laughter, as I knew it was coming from my mother…Thank you for the peace of mind you brought to me.” Dianne G.

     “Thank you Brian for helping me. Our last session was amazing. You told me things from Tom that I did not know about. They were substantiated two days later. So wonderful!” Patricia B.

     “I have been in deep grief over the loss of my mother for a year now. As I drove home after the session with you, I felt as if a HUGE weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I feel so light, so happy inside for the first time in a very long time and I think it’s important for you to know that it’s because of you and the wonderful work you do that I am feeling this way…” Karen W.

     “Your protocol and service is a great example to other mediums on how to do it the right way. Your information helps bridge the path to truth and unconditional love. God bless you.” Brian Adams – Claremont, CA.

     “I want to thank you and also Dr. Grant for bringing my brother thru with a message for me and also his wife. It meant so much to us both. Everything was evidential…Your message was wonderful. You give so much to so many people.” MaryAnna – Chatsworth, CA.

     “I was fascinated and touched by the sitting that you recently held at your home. Although I have lived a happy life…I have regretfully lived most of my life without faith in the religious and spiritual sense. I am the kind of person who has always needed proof. In my eyes you have proved that you possess a precious gift. You said factual things no one else could know and as such have touched and enlightened me…Whatever the source of your knowledge is, I believe in it and that has given me some happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Denice B.

     “In my reading you confirmed several things: You told me I was going to be a spiritual teacher, that I had just purchased a white car, that I was involved in a dog attack, that I was at a funfair with my children, but most importantly you brought up the problems I was having with my father… As a result of my amazing meeting with you, I had my father listen to the reading that I taped. He was stunned by what he heard and apparently it “clicked” for him. He’s beginning to listen to what others have to say, he’s lessening his ego-based responses, and he’s trying to change his part in our family’s dysfunctional patterns. Our family has begun to start again. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. You are helping people heal their outlooks, relationships and situations. I never in a million years would have believed that this relationship would heal, nor the dysfunctional patterns change to healthier ones, but they have!” Valerie R.

     “Thank you for telling me things that only my dear mother could have told you…I feel so much happier than I have for years. You are correct: the contact you make has healing effects.” Steve S.

     “You told me my grandpa had been born in Constantinople, and you sang “It’s Istanbul now…” to me, a song my grandmother often sang to tease my grandpa! You told me the surname my grandmother (who was English) adopted because she felt Londoners couldn’t pronounce the original. You asked me who Buddy was. He was my beloved dog who had recently died. I’m very convinced of your gifts.” Sheila F.

     “My wife Patty and I received so much peace in knowing that our son Adam is still doing well on the other side. The way he came through shows that the personality stays intact with the soul…I personally want to thank you for bringing in my Grandfather who raised me. He was the inspiration for all that I am today. When you were able to bring in my 97 year old Grandmother who just passed a month ago and get her name “Azubah” I was so pleased. The domino statement she gave you was astounding, as she played dominoes every morning at 9 for the last twenty years…What you do for people is truly sent from God.” Wayne P. – San Diego, CA.

     “My sitting with you was the best gift I could have given myself – THANK YOU!! It was better than months of counseling or therapy. Things I was not clear about have come to me upon listening to the tape. (There weren’t many: you are really “right on.”) Marcia D.

     “Since the death of my brother five years ago my parents have been in a state of depression. Feelings of guilt and anger have built up inside of them. After having this experience with you I believe that they have begun their healing process, and the proof of my brother’s continuing existence has instilled some faith.” Jennifer G.

     “I had a reading with you to try and contact my son Johnny who died in a motorcycle accident. Some of the things you said were truly amazing and helped me and Johnny’s girlfriend Christy so much. I was worried about bringing her since she’s only sixteen, but I’m so glad I did because she seems much better. She’s accepting and understanding things more now. Thanks for being there for all of us.” Kerry R.



The spirit world needs to be given notice of your intended visit to a medium. Write an announcement in large letters of the date, time and place of the séance or private sitting. Pin this notice up prominently in your home as spirit people often visit when you are unaware of them. Put any photographs of loved ones by the notice together with some flowers, if available. Shortly before visiting the medium meditate and pray, asking your loved ones to come through and communicate with you. A strong emotional need will often get results, although there is no guarantee of this.

Avoid taking alcohol or drugs (except medication) before sitting. Also avoid eating a heavy meal. If you are in physical pain it is advisable to postpone attending the séance until you are feeling better. Try to keep your energy level high on the day of the sitting.

Arrive promptly at the appointed time as each attempt to communicate is a collaborative effort, dependent upon the presence of spirit people who may only be able to stay within the earthly vibration for a limited period of time.

During the séance:

Sit with arms and legs uncrossed to avoid shutting off the flow of your natural bio-electrical energy. Some spirit communicators need to draw upon this bio-electrical emanation (the human aura) in order to materialize aspects of their consciousness within a frequency range that is perceptible by the medium.

Try to keep a bright and positive frame of mind. Anger, hostility or extreme skepticism may deter spirit friends from attempting to communicate. They are always highly aware of our level of receptivity and will often refuse to waste time on a person who attempts to “block” them.

Do not try to steer the séance in the way you want it to go. With genuine communication there is always a strong element of the unexpected. Be open-minded about whatever comes through. What you consider to be important may not be important to the people in the spirit world. They will frequently mention details that you had totally forgotten.

Some of the best evidence for genuine communication is that which has to be confirmed by an outsider after the séance has concluded. Such confirmation by a friend or family member demonstrates that the medium was not merely reading the mind of the sitter. Occasionally the medium may refer to events that have not yet happened. Many mediums are not aware at the time that they are predicting. Time, and your own experience, is the crucial test of the relative success or failure of any particular séance.

Do not get up and walk about during the séance as you will immediately ‘ripple’ the energy fields that are being built up by the spirit friends for their communications, and you may make it more difficult for the medium to work.

Avoid volunteering information to the medium, but do give encouragement if you understand what is being mentioned. Your response to the medium will also encourage the spirit friends to continue.

Do not bombard the medium with questions for the spirit. That communicator may already be having problems staying in tune with the earthly level of consciousness. The spirit may also have rehearsed beforehand what he or she is going to say. To suddenly be confronted with a whole new set of ideas may cause extreme confusion to a soul who is inexperienced in the art of communication. Good communication is something that has to be learned. (Isn’t that true of people on earth also?) The fact that you have ‘died’ does not automatically make you a good communicator. If your parents, for example, were rather shy, withdrawn people, death does not change their personalities and they may lack the essential force and motivation to communicate well at a séance. A strong, dogmatic religious belief system may also hinder some spirit communicators if they had little knowledge of this subject while on earth and disapproved of it.

If you are unsuccessful in communicating with a desired individual they may have moved into a higher sphere from which it is more difficult to descend into the earthly frequencies of vibration. Rarely will they have reincarnated, although that is also a possibility in certain cases. Some years ago a well-known therapist consulted me about her dead brother who had been shot down over Germany during the Second World War. She had also sadly lost a beloved son. During the sitting her son made very good contact and informed his mother about her coming visit to Germany where she was due to conduct some workshops in child psychology. “You will meet your brother again. He has reincarnated in the body of a young German. He will recognize you instantly,” I heard the deceased son tell me. Obviously the therapist was extremely skeptical about this message she had received from her dead son. It seemed to her to be quite impossible as she had no belief in reincarnation.

This sitting had an incredible follow up: The therapist did visit Germany and conducted her advanced seminars with various German students. One young man sat close to her at every session. He suddenly came out with: “I can’t understand this but I seem to recognize you. Your face looks very familiar to me. I feel I know you from somewhere else.” The therapist later told me that she had a peculiar tingling sensation throughout her whole body. She casually asked when the young man was born. It was February, 1945; just a few days after her dear brother had been shot down in his aircraft. She said nothing to the young student at the time about her séance message, but on a subsequent visit to Germany she finally plucked up courage and told him about her extraordinary message from her dead son. To her great relief he seemed to have no difficulty in accepting the possibility that he was the reincarnation of her dead brother! The rapport between them was very obvious and V_____ told me that they had subsequently become good friends.

Truth is often stranger than fiction!



Lyme disease - an alternative treatment when antibiotics don't work:

"Get six medium sized cloves (not heads!) of raw garlic, peel off the outer skin, crush the cloves on a board, put them in a kitchen blender with organic Aloe Vera juice and blend them together. Store the mixture in a sealed jug in the refrigerator. (This gives several days' supply)  Drink a small shot glass of this mixture twice a day on an empty stomach. You can mix it with papaya, grape or apple juice to make the taste more palatable. Do this religiously every day for six months and don't take any more antibiotics.
To those who would cheat with garlic capsules: They do not work. You must use the actual living raw garlic to get results. After drinking the mixture, eat your food, brush your teeth and use mouthwash and the odor disappears. Spirit Guide Dr. Grant says that this treatment is also effective for chronic fatigue syndrome and related diseases.
I have given details of this treatment to a number of people suffering from Lyme disease and have had excellent feedback from them. I now put this information on the Internet, as I know it can help many that are afflicted. Antibiotics are not always successful in curing Lyme disease. God's natural plant juices work better! Dr. Grant has been one of my spirit helpers for a number of years. He once said 'I will grant you knowledge, therefore you can call me Doctor Grant. That was not my real name.' He obviously wishes to work anonymously, in common with many advanced souls."
Artificial Sweeteners:
With any neurological problems it is also advisable to avoid the use of NUTRASWEET or ASPARTAME (marketed as "EQUAL") as there is considerable evidence that this substance is dangerous for many people. Children especially are vulnerable to Aspartame and should NOT be given diet sodas or allowed to chew gum that contains this substance. Research has shown that aspartame can bring on epileptic seizures in those who are prone to these. Recent research has labeled Aspartame as a neuro-toxin and European health authorities are re-examining whether it should be withdrawn from use. The only truly safe alternative sweetener, which can be used freely by all, including diabetics, is STEVIA. STEVIA, a natural plant extract, used for many years in South America and Asia is available now from most Health Food Stores. Stevia does not affect blood sugar levels. See also the following websites:

Frequent users of the artificial saccharine sweetener “Sweet n’Low” discovered that it gave them an overactive bladder, often requiring several bathroom visits during the night. When they stopped using that sweetener the condition went away. Apparently Sweet n’Low was an irritant to the genito-urinary system. Several medical reports confirmed that problem.

How Dr. Grant diagnosed a mysterious illness:

"While I was living in London, a Mrs. Kathleen Hendry of Leicester consulted me about her son who was employed in a government biological research establishment. He had come down with a mysterious disease and she was most concerned about her son's continued weakness and recurring fever. During the sitting I first became aware of this personality called Dr. Grant who spontaneously told me that Mrs. Hendry's son was suffering from 'Bruce - ill - osis.' I had never heard of such a peculiar disease. The sounds were broken up in my mind exactly as I have printed them. We managed to find a medical dictionary and rapidly discovered that Brucellosis or undulant fever, was a disease caught from drinking contaminated cows' milk, or from other contact with infected cattle. When Mrs. Hendry returned to Leicester and told her son about this extraordinary diagnosis, he immediately was tested for Brucellosis. The results were positive. He had been handling biological samples from animals and had obviously been exposed to the disease in this manner. This was, to me, a startling example of spiritual inspiration which helped heal a very sick person."


Always keep the following dried herbs in your kitchen:

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)

Preparation: 1 tablespoonful of each in a large teapot. Fill the pot with boiling water and infuse the herbs for at least 10 minutes. Pour out half a teacupful through a strainer, sweeten with honey (Horehound is bitter) and drink this tea three times daily. Bronchial congestion should clear up in two to three days. If not, see your doctor. This formula has worked miracles for Brian and all his friends who have tried it. Get your herbs from a reliable source. People who live many miles from a doctor or hospital should keep this herbal combination as a standby in the event of a health crisis.

Helpful treatment for Pertussis (whooping cough) is Sambucol or Sambucus (concentrated elderberry juice) available at most health food stores. It seems to work better than traditional cough mixture. Israeli doctors found that Elderberry helped prevent flu and various cold viruses from gaining hold of the patient. Two teaspoons, taken three times daily can be very effective for that purpose. Supplement this natural treatment with Zinc and Echinacea lozenges dissolved slowly in the mouth. A sore throat can be quickly relieved in this manner. As an additional precaution dip a Q-tip in Listerine mouthwash, insert the Q-tip in one nostril, close the other nostril with your finger and gently sniff up to disinfect the upper nasal passage. Repeat the same with the other nostril. This can often prevent the onset of flu when you have been in an infected environment. Warm salt water is also a good cleanser of the nasal passages.


As people age they frequently become more sensitive to the sticky protein in wheat, barley and rye known as “gluten.” Excellent bread can be baked using brown and white rice, various bean flours, tapioca starch, amaranth, buckwheat (which is not wheat!), quinoa, etc. See Bette Hagman’s books: The Gluten-free Gourmet and The Gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread, etc. There are also many recipes online for gluten-free bread. Wheat gluten is replaced with Xanthan Gum or Guar Gum which enables the bread to rise in a normal fashion. Severe gluten intolerance leads to “Celiac sprue” a dangerous condition causing malnutrition and various other illnesses. One of Brian’s clients was cured of severe migraine headaches after being informed by Dr. Grant that she was gluten intolerant and should avoid all wheat products. Many Indian stores stock supplies of gluten-free flours at an affordable price: You may purchase Garbanza bean flour, Fava bean flour and brown rice flour which, when combined, can produce an excellent loaf of bread. All are gluten-free. For further information about the increasing danger of wheat gluten and some of the health problems it may cause see the following books:

The Gluten Connection by Shari Lieberman, PhD. Published by Rodale, Inc. 2007

Dangerous Grains by James Braly, M.D., and Ron Hoggan, M.A. Published by Avery (Penguin Putnam, Inc.) 2002

Brian himself is gluten sensitive. He was amazed by the improvement in his energy level and freedom from abdominal pain after giving up all wheat, barley, rye and products containing gluten. Gluten may also be dangerous for babies and has been linked to autism, so avoid giving them wheat products and get medical advice if you suspect your child has a problem.


Brian (The 'Wizard of Reseda') has a complete chapter in Preston Dennett's thrilling and beautifully illustrated work "California Ghosts - True Accounts of Hauntings in the Golden State" Published by Schiffer. ISBN: 0-7643-1972-8. Available through B.Dalton & other bookstores.. Here is the link:

 For telephone readings by a trance channel personally recommended by Brian do see the following Website: April’s spirit control ‘Veronica’ has been most helpful and accurate in her readings for Brian and several of his friends. Please note she is not a survival evidence medium, but an inspired channel.

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