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Phex 0.73

The new versions of Phex only work under Java13x
(see below for versions that work under Java11)

Here is a screen capture of Phex using the new Aqua Theme
    Phex Aqua screenshot (38 kB)

For Java 1.3 users:
Instead of using a special script to run phex, I created a
generic set of scripts to install and run java apps -- all you
have to do is drop a .jar file on a desktop object and it will
create a program object to run the java app.
Get the following file from hobbes:
    Run_Java: Generic Java13x app installer -- 10 kB

If you want some cheesy phex icons grab the following file:
    Phex icons -- 34 kB

All that should be required to start the program is to go
to the commandline and type "java -jar phex.jar" with the
proper paths to your Java13x bin directory and the directory
that contains the phex.jar

However, with the run_java package installed, all you have to
do is drop the phex.jar file on the "Create Java Object" icon.
Also, with the run_java package, you can just double-click
on the phex.jar file (or a shadow of the phex.jar file).

The Phex team made extensive changes to the code so, here is
the new jar-file:
This version will only work under Java 1.3 :(
    phex.jar (version 0.7.3) -- 1.4 MB

They have also added the ability to "skin" Phex... just unzip
the following file into your phex directory and then select
"Aqua" under the "User Interface" section of the "Phex Options"
   Phex Aqua Theme -- 393 kB

Phex is now a SourceForge project:

For the latest downloads:
   Phex project files

Phex 0.2.1

This is the last version of Phex that works with Java 1.1.8 :(

phex.jar (version 0.2.1)

For the original "full" OS/2 distribution, use the
following link:


Phex (version 0.1.1) Overview:

Put simply, Phex is a java-based gnutella client.

While it is not the prettiest client around, Phex
is certainly one of the most useful...
Most importantly, it works just fine under OS/2.

Phex is derived from the code-base of Furi:
Furi is a great gnutella client but, it hasn't been
updated in a long time and it includes a lot of code
that most users don't seem to use e.g. the IRC/Chat

Konrad Haenel cleaned-up the Furi code and is planning
some useful enhancements.

*** Author's announcement from the Gnutella Forums:

Ok, ok, ok,

I finally did it. The new client can be downloaded from my homepage
The improvements of this version are completely internal, so don't expect too much new stuff. The most important chage is that I stripped it of all Chat and IRC-Chat capabilities.
If you like it, enjoy, if you find bugs, post them.
Bye, Konrad

The Phex Team is actively developing the new code-base (as time
allows) so check out the Phex web page frequently for updates
and announcements:
    Phex HomePage

Contact Info:

For OS/2 install/run problems, please contact me <Cary>:
For bugs in the actual program, please contact the Source Forge team:

Cary -- who makes very ugly lil` 2's

Phex is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE,
please read "COPYING"
source code is available from the Phex SourceForge page:

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