Delta II/Gravity Probe B Launches from
 Vandenberg AFB. 

 Delta II launches with NASA's Gravity Probe B Spacecraft on April 20, 2004.

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First launch attempt on April 19th ended in a scrub.

Boeing Personal prepare to roll tower back around the Delta II,

MST moves over Delta II.

Delta II launches at 9:57:24am PST.

Wide angle with a 28 mm lens at main engine ignition.

This photo of Delta #304 was taken on the backside of  SLC-2.

Press Site folks waiting for launch 3.29 miles from the Delta Pad!

Heat waves make for a tuff shot with a 840mm lens.

The Delta II pitches over and starts heading down range.

A beautiful morning for a launch!

After the Six SRB's burnout the three remaining SRB's are ignited at T+ 70 seconds.

A 16 mm fisheye captures the smoke plume.


 The SLC-2 Pad 55 seconds after launch.

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